Today is the 1st day I am speaking out against some emotions that have been lurking for an extremely long time . I know it will come to a shock to most but today I am taking back my life .Talking about emotions has never been hard for me only if they were not my own . So this blog is such a gateway to a better me . I can only image the feedback I will receive but as long as I help one woman it will be well worth it. So i guess I should tell you all or 1 person (LOL) about me . Well I am BLACK , 4 KIDS HAVING , FULL TIME JOB HAVING, ONLY A BOYFRIEND NO HUSBAND HAVING , 2 BABY DADDIES HAVING,GOD FEARING, CHURCH GOING, YELLING SCREAMING CUSSING, CRYING SAD ANGRY, CONFUSED,  WOMAN who has been dealing with depression ..postpartum depression to be exact. People always told me that I am probably just having the  “Baby Blues ” and it will fade . That was 7 years , 3 kids AGO… When will the FADE come ?????


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