I was contemplating on if i would tel my boyfriend about this blog . The reason being is that i would have to admit that I am dealing with a issue . Admitting it to myself was easy , which i expected that to be hard . No !!! Telling the man i lay with every night ….That was so uncomfortable . Being a woman , being a black woman has this silent rule included and given at birth . REMAIN STRONG AT ALL TIMES TO EVERYONE !! So me opening up about this was sooooo weird and made me feel so weak and insecure . He read my 1st blog and said it was good and i should keep at . I could tell it was uncomfortable for him as well . So i quickly changed the subject . I just want to feel better . I want to wake up and feel like a woman , a beautiful woman . Even when he tells me 1,000 times a day I will not feel it until  “I” feel it . So withing 4 years of us being together we have dealt with our share of ups and down . Which I have given my full time attention to . One day i woke up  and had two kids back to back . gained 80 pounds in two years . Not having the time to even make it to the Salon to even make myself feel a little better . I wanna feel like i used to ……….



One thought on “TALKING OPENLY …..

  1. Hello Chantal! So glad to see that you are shedding light on a topic that is rarely discussed. The myth of the “strong, Black, woman” makes many of us feel that we can not reveal our insecurities, anxieties, and vulnerabilities. We are without doubt, courageous, beautiful, intelligent, beings. Yet, we’re prone to the same upsets, disappointments, and challenges as everyone else. This does not make us weak. It makes us wonderfully human. Keep writing, and keep your head up! Peace and Blessings!


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