Sometimes the days can go so good without even knowing that you have an issue within yourself .I remember I was at an AA meeting, I went with my mom. They told families that the addicts have TRIGGERS. With me going back,  I can defiantly tell that in my case as well . My biggest TRIGGER is self-image . Anytime its brought up in conversation or even a simple thought I could have . It is so strong that my emotions will quickly change from wonderful to sad and dark . The phrase 0 to 100 real quick ….Yea real quick is true … So today was not so bad . I still cant believe that I am opening up to people I dont know about something so serious . I really just want to help myself but now I also want to bring awareness to the black community about depression . We (black people) can be so judgmental on each other .I really can go so deep with where this stems from ..Yes you guessed it SLAVERY. But I will wait for a later post . Anyone reading this PLZ FEEL FREE TO COMMENT OR SHARE !!!!!!!


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